CPS 3302 Home Year 3

Essay presentation

Text : ‘The presence of animals in contemporary art as a sign of cultural change’ – Karin Andersen

Artist: Kate Clark’s human-animal hybrid taxidermy

Things to explore in the essay:

  • How the view of animals in art has changed over time, why
  • Developments of taxidermy
  • Rogue taxidermy group, more ethical approaches to taxidermy through sourcing of animals
  • Significance of hybrids
  • Some of Kate Clark’s work demonstrates racial prejudice… ‘Little Girl’ used in Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen’,

I often struggle with having everything such as sources and citations in an organised manner. So, I have created a document which I am adding all of my sources to as I go along with key information such as citations and relevant quotes to make sure I keep an organised approach to make writing this essay an easier process.

Home Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Week 3 – finished A1 pieces

This week, I continued to work on my A one sized paintings and added a fence around the deer inspired by my time at the farm which I feel added an interesting element to the painting which I liked.

Deer painting:

Deer painting – I may add further highlights and highlights to the fences in order to add more detail to the painting down the line
Finished deer painting

I decided to add some quick bright white highlights which I feel added an interesting aspect to this piece and made it a lot more realistic. I am very happy with this piece overall and the ways that it introduces my theme of animals in enclosures. I look forward to seeing how I develop this idea further in my next paintings.

Owl painting:
I also finished the owl painting with acrylic paints and oil pastels, using layering to create an eye catching expressive piece which I feel works well. I am considering adding an enclosure of some sort to relate it to the other work I am doing but I don’t want to ruin it. I feel that the expressive background really adds to the image overall to create an interesting painting for this project.

Owl painting

I also decided to go back to the farm to capture more imagery and even went to Tropical Bird-land in Desford to get some drawings done of birds within enclosures too. There was a section with a range of birds out of their enclosures where people could touch them which I thought could be interesting to study within my work, exploring how being out of their enclosures could affect the animals (positive effects).

I added some colour to some of my drawings, both from this week and last week to explore colour palettes and get a sense of what works well before I start to work onto board.


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