Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Plan and progress

Sheep paintings so far, exploring layouts

Things to consider about sheep paintings:

  • Add enclosures to the painting without
  • Have the enclosures going in different directions?
  • Goats facing different directions
  • Have enclosures meet in certain points but not all to show different enclosures
Cow paintings so far, exploring layouts and different shapes

Things to consider about Cow paintings:

  • Do the boards have to be square or rectangular? Triangles or irregular shapes could work
  • Add enclosure to the painting on the left
Chicken paintings so far, exploring layouts

Things to consider about chicken paintings:

  • Could explore making the bars meet at certain points like a puzzle
  • Have some chickens facing different ways?
Image of plan in my studio space

I printed out my work so far on A3 sheets of paper in which I annotated about different aspects or areas that I am contemplating at the moment. I decided to print these out to inform my practice as I often take my work home to get more done and carrying my work to and from uni can be quite a hassle. It also shows how I have been developing my ideas and gives an idea of the final result I would like of clusters of different animals in which colour is explored in a variety of ways.

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