Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301- More farm animal drawings

I decided to go back to Gorse Hill Farm to gather more primary evidence including both drawings and photographs to give me more to work from so I don’t feel limited. I went on a weekday so it wasn’t too busy and spent a few hours there to gather as much as I possibly could. I may go again in the future if needed but I feel that I gathered enough to keep me busy for a while.

Red goat drawing on green watercolour background

This was a very simple line drawing I did using complementary colours. I felt that beginning primary research using colour (already prepared sketchbook pages) would be good inspiration for continuing developing my uses of colour. Although the lines of the fences aren’t entirely straight, I feel that this adds to the piece.

Black pen goat drawings on pink watercolour background

These were some more simplistic drawings I did, one in a box to give me a sense of how it would look on a piece of board which was a good idea. I also added annotations to some of my drawings to jot down my ideas to look back on later. In this annotation I was thinking about making the materials of the fences three dimensional somehow to create a different effect although I will have to experiment with this later on in the project.

Black and yellow goat drawing on purple watercolour background

Although I like the effect of this drawing overall with the uses of two colours for the outline, it is very clearly out of proportion which is always a risk when drawing directly from life, especially with animals which move a lot. However, it is still very obviously a goat so I am not too upset by this.

Orange pen sheep drawing on blue watercolour background

This is another example of the animal being out of proportion in the face but I like the outcomes of these simple coloured pen drawings on coloured backgrounds. I enjoy working with complementary colours as it is guaranteed to produce a captivating effect.

Black and silver goat drawing on purple watercolour background

I am not too pleased with this drawing as I feel the proportions are wrong but I enjoyed experimenting with silver pen to add a different feel to the drawings.

Purple goat on yellow watercolour background

I love the simplicity of this drawing and feel that the yellow and purple are balanced nicely. I thoroughly enjoy doing drawings with a lot of mark making as you can build up a lot of detail without being too particular or being a perfectionist.

Blue goat on orange watercolour background

Again, I feel that the colours of this drawing works fell together and I am pleased with the drawing itself. I like that drawing in this way is very loose as it adds a realistic image, particularly with fur.

Continuous line goat drawing

This was one of my most successful continuous line drawings and I love that the goat is split into different shapes and sections. I feel that this image would be effective as a paper collage and I look forward to painting this image onto board as I feel colour experimentation will be very easy with this drawing. In the annotations I was considering how I could alter the orientation to make it a bit more playful and thinking about cutting the image off at certain points.

Jotting down ideas with small continuous line drawings

In this drawings, I drew different angled squares and rectangles and went around the farm doing quick sketches and continuous line drawings to have an idea of where I can take my work and how I can alter it from last term. In my annotations, I considered doing pieces with more than one animal in a painting as this could emphasise on the small spaces.

Continuous line sheep drawings

These are some more continuous line drawings of sheep which work nicely, I love doing continuous line drawings when working from life so that I don’t get to drawn into trying to add every single detail. In the bottom drawing, I drew only a portion of the sheep’s face which I hadn’t done in any of my other pieces and I feel that it works well, although I would like to include both of the ears in the frame of a painting if possible, I would like to be more considerate of how the image is cut off depending on each individual piece.

Mark making sheep and cow drawing

In these drawings I focused a lot on mark making which was really effective and I used a lot of cross hatching in the cow drawing. The cows were in enclosures made of barbed wire and I felt that using actual barbed wires for the enclosure of the painting could be effective. I would like to experiment with this once I get some paintings done.

Chicken continuous line drawing

These are some continuous line chicken drawings where I did most of a chicken and then a zoom in of a chickens face. The continuous line was effective for adding in an illusion of a lot of feathers and made the process a lot more playful. Chickens often don’t look straight at people, they look to the side and so I considered taking photos of the chickens facing forward and then working from photographs as they move around a lot.

Cow line drawing

I love that this drawing breaks the cow up into different segments similarly to the first goat continuous line drawing as this could be effective as a collage paper cut. I love that the cow is making direct eye contact with the viewer. Exploring different animals is definitely a great idea to further develop my project.

Continuous line cow drawing

In this continuous line drawing, the cow was giving me the side eye which I thought was quite funny and worked well. I forgot to add the barbed wire so I will do that using the previous drawing as a reference. I look forward to seeing where I can take these drawings and I am excited about the potential for a really strong degree show.

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