Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301- Feedback from last term and plans for this term

My grade for last term was a high C which I felt a bit disappointed by but not surprised as I struggled with time management and was focusing more on my essay for my CPS module. I hope to build a lot more stronger works this term to build up my grade and make myself enjoy producing art again.

Image of my feedback form

Strengths of my work:

  • Grouping the artworks together was effective due to size
  • Large colourful goat was considered more effective

Weaknesses of my work:

  • Need to pay more attention to the way the animals are painted
  • Could be more playful with orientation of the boards
  • The effect is too cutesy, not really an idea that is being taken further

This term my aim is to experiment with colour more to gain an understanding of what works and see how playfulness could benefit or take away from my work. I am keen to experiment with the orientation of the boards so that they are more playful and I can see if I can better the composition. I feel that the clustered effect of the paintings works really well but I am hoping to capture a range of farm animals rather than limiting myself to sheep and goats. I feel positive about this term and am hoping to create a really effective degree show.

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