Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Collages

In order to start to consider colour more in my work, I decided to do some collages based on a selection of the continuous line drawings I did at my last visit to the farm. This technique worked well during my second year and I felt it couldn’t hurt to move away from painting to allow me to generate more ideas and see what colour combinations work well.

Goat continuous line drawing
Goat collage

This is the goat collage I did using yellows, oranges, green and a brown painted pattern paper for the fence. I feel that this works really well, both the colours used and how abstract it is. Although I was at first just going to use brown paper for the fence, I’m glad I went with paper that had texture to create a contrast. I feel that the continuous line drawings are perfect for this type of collage as subjects are split up into different segments which makes creating a collage a very simple process.

Chicken continuous line drawing
Purple and yellow chicken collage

This is the first chicken collage I did using complementary colours purple and yellow with black for the pen fence. I love the contrast that this collage has and how the white in the patterned purple pieces near the rear of the chicken stands out. I feel that this is an effective yet playful process although it can be tedious cutting out a lot of shapes, depending on how complex the original continuous line drawing is. I feel that this will encourage me to play with colour more which will benefit me a lot.

Blue and orange chicken collage

This is the second chicken collage I did using complementary colours blue and orange for the chicken and a bluish grey colour for the pen fence. Although this collage is still effective, I feel there is less contrast as I have used quite a muted blue for the background but if that had been a more abstract blue, it may have changed that altogether. I tried to incorporate more patterned papers into this collage but I felt that too many patterns can clash too much which is why most of the chicken is done with more solid coloured paper.

I would like to do more collages to experiment with different colour combinations and create some effective colour palettes to use in my paintings as I feel that I was holding back with this last term and should really be playful to determine what works the best for my degree show. I am happy with the progress I am making so far this term and hope to continue this way, onwards and upwards.

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