CPS 3302 Home Year 3

Essay presentation

Text : ‘The presence of animals in contemporary art as a sign of cultural change’ – Karin Andersen

Artist: Kate Clark’s human-animal hybrid taxidermy

Things to explore in the essay:

  • How the view of animals in art has changed over time, why
  • Developments of taxidermy
  • Rogue taxidermy group, more ethical approaches to taxidermy through sourcing of animals
  • Significance of hybrids
  • Some of Kate Clark’s work demonstrates racial prejudice… ‘Little Girl’ used in Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen’,

I often struggle with having everything such as sources and citations in an organised manner. So, I have created a document which I am adding all of my sources to as I go along with key information such as citations and relevant quotes to make sure I keep an organised approach to make writing this essay an easier process.

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