Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Week 11 – Formative Assessment Exhibition

My formative show of work
Another image of my final show

Overall, I am pleased with my final outcome and I feel that the pieces I selected all stand out as individuals and yet work so well as a body of work. I like that there are a range of different sizes of board used as it really emphasises on the confined spaces that farm animals are subjected to. I am very pleased that I emphasised on the animal tags with bright splashes of colour as it adds an extra element. To improve, I need to make a lot more paintings to truly highlight the herd/flock idea as I feel that it will be really effective and make my work stand out a lot more.

FDR document information:

I had to put together an FDR for my assessment involving a student reflective evaluation. These are screenshots of my first section at 250 words explaining how my ideas have developed throughout the term. Overall I am happy with it as I feel that it sums up my intentions and gives a great insight to my work.

I also attached a copy of my altered statement from last week which was required. I found this putting together of the FDR very easy and am happy with my outcomes.

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