Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Week 6 – Crit Preparation

To ensure I was prepared for my crit, I decided to get these paintings finished so that I knew what to present. I wanted to include a mixture of realistic colour schemes and colour experiments to get feedback and see what other people’s opinions of them were. I also included a sheep painting amongst several goat paintings as I felt my sheep painting was very successful through composition and colour schemes.

I tried to make the paintings relate to each other in various ways through colours used or the size of the bars which have different effects and outcomes. I also went to Wilko to purchase some Velcro as a quick and easy measure to present my work though in future for my formative assessment, I would like to have some more permanent measures to the hanging of my work using picture hooks and nails.

Overall, I feel very confident and prepared for my crit next week and I feel that having feedback will help to inform how I move forward in this project.

Sheep painting on board with pyrography
Goat painting on board
Realistic detailed goat painting on board
Purple A3 goat painting on board
Pink small scale goat painting on board

Other people’s crits:

I got to see some other peopled’s crits in the two weeks before my crit which was helpful in allowing me to understand how to present my work and have inspiration. I really liked the different subjects and methods people had used in their own work.

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