Studio Practice 3301 Year 3

Studio Practice 3301 – Week 5 – Colour Experimentation

I decided to add a cage to the owl painting I created a few weeks ago so that it would relate to my enclosure theme even though I know I want to focus on farm animals for the rest of my project due to being able to get a range of images and drawings from a primary source rather than using taxidermy from the museum which have specific stances and arrangements.

Owl Painting

Although the cage blends in quite a lot with the painting, I feel that it relates a lot more to my theme and it is very effective.

Colour explorations:

I started a painting with a vibrant colour scheme on an A3 piece of mdf board which is going well but I feel that working at a larger scale takes away the confined space theme that I have captured in the other paintings. I also feel that working at a larger scale makes it more difficult to hide any mistakes made.

Purple goat A3 sized board painting

This is a painting of a goat in which I decided to experiment with colour using purple with elements of yellow as these colours are complementary and work well together. I wanted to use the viridian green for the background to link it to my other paintings to demonstrate that lots of animals are treated badly in farms, it’s not just a small issue.

Small scale pink goat board painting

This board was a small square size and so I decided to just capture the goat’s head as the head shows the most emotion. However, moving forward I may decide to just capture a part of the goat to emphasise more on the enclosures and to experiment with the affect this has on the viewer.

I don’t feel like I have enough time before my crit to do any new paintings, I need to focus more on finishing my other paintings but when I do make more paintings, I would like to explore more with subtle colour experiments, although I like the purple goat, I do feel that the smaller pink exploration had a better effect as it still looked realistic without being over the top.

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