Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – ‘Hybrid’ buildings

A3 sized building combining two pages from my sketchbook and painting over it (with flash)
A3 sized painting combining two pages from sketchbook (without flash)

I did this A3 sized painting by combining photocopies of two of my sketchbook pages and sticking them together, making sure to align the black pipe as this was just misaligned within the sketchbook.

Image of initial sketchbook pages I combined

I decided to switch the positions of the individual pieces as I preferred the layout overall but I am incredibly happy with it.

I stuck to what would be considered a ‘normal’ colour palette as I wanted to try out the composition before going too experimental. If I have time, I am hoping to do another of the same piece but with a different colour scheme as I am really happy with how this turned out. Though the colour scheme is quite mundane, I feel that it effectively relates to George Shaw’s colour palette which is still a relevant link.

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