Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – Continuing with colour explorations and finishing incomplete pieces

Of the paintings I started last week, I decided to experiment with different colour combinations to see what works well. I was particularly fond of using lighter colours and trying to avoid harsh black outlines as I didn’t want to take away from the scenes of Leicester of architecture I was captivating. I took inspiration for some of the colours used from the artists I have researched over this project. I am still happy with doing a black and white piece to demonstrate how colour can have a big impact on compositions, yet I feel the black and white piece is still very effective.

To continue with this project, I am hoping to do more paintings with successful colour schemes. I am happy with the scale I am working at as A4 pieces allow me to add enough detail without it taking too much time and as I have still been working at home, I feel this is necessary with my conditions, and goes well with my initial work plan.

As well as this, I am hoping to use some of my initial paintings from the sketchbook and bring them out of the sketchbook using photocopies to join buildings together to create hybrid buildings as this could help with compositions and could take my project to another level. This experimentation may work out, it may not but at least I will demonstrate risk taking which I think is essential in projects.

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