Artist Talks CPS

Artist Talk – Lee Maelzer

Lee Maelzer is a London based artist, she was born and studied in London. She left school at 13 and went to study or at Saint Martin’s College of Art and design, gaining a BA Hons first class later at the Royal Academy of arts and she obtained her Masters in Fine Art. Since 2005 she has exhibited in nine solo exhibitions and widely in Group exhibitions including one at Christy’s London. She also curated 7 exhibitions in London.

She practices as a painter but also explores collage and sculpture and videos. Her paintings are large as she likes them to take up large spaces. The uses of white in her work reflects a certain morbidity, abandonment but also a sense of light. When painting she likes to use a ground like greens or greys to take away the whiteness of the board before starting her piece and has a couple of pieces on the go at once , some of how work takes one to three months to complete.

In her childhood up to the age of 8 she spent time in Vancouver and during this time she went through a lot of hardship which has made her into the artist she is today.

She talked about how she likes to take photos for reference but only used for a short time the rest is from her imagination and in some cases dreams that she has had. She also only likes to use pictures she’s taken herself which is something I understand as it is always good to have your own perspective of a place or a person.

In her young adult life, she talks with period why she went through six years of addiction drugs and alcohol which made her work suffer but she bounced back afterwards. one of her residences was in Mexico where she saw lots of derelict buildings because of war not necessarily decay. She advised that people should do residencies if given the chance as it is a unique experience.

She is inspired by artists such as Goya, van Eyck contemporary artists such as Pia Hue, William Kentridge and Diane Abers.

as we’re restricted right now with covid, Lee is working at a small scale doing paintings taken from Facebook adverts why people are selling my items on marketplace this allows her to show modern life as the seller is using their home to photograph in an the scene is already set of their everyday life. due to the size of the large scale pieces she spoke about painting on panels rather than one large piece so that she can get through doorways and transport it easily.

she seems to feature sinks a lot in her work which could have a hidden meaning to her childhood.

She had opportunities to visit abandoned places like Hackney hospital where she was able to take photos to use as references she likes her paintings have a texture and has been known to add cotton then pull off to give line texture to her painting.

Lee has a large studio which she shares with another artist. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to have my own studio too and it would be good to have some company as you can go a bit crazy when you’re on your own.

Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – Crit

Window explorations


In my project I am focusing on architecture in Leicester and how different factors affect elements such as windows and doors including age, personal preferences, and modernity. I have been working at quite a small scale using acrylic paints on paper and cardboard. Using acrylics has been effective as they dry quickly and are easy to layer. I have combined block colours with textured brushstrokes to give a worn look to my paintings. I have experimented with the colours I have used by making use of a colour wheel and doing different versions of the same painting to see how colours affect the overall outcome. I began primary research by going into different areas of Leicester to take photographs and do quick drawings of buildings and houses. I am hoping that my work demonstrates to the viewer that Leicester has a lot of history and that things are constantly changing architecturally as new needs need to be met. I made sure to do research into the history of architecture and architecture in Leicester to explain why certain decisions were made about different architectural elements. I felt intrigued by the fact that streets in Leicester, particularly housing, were originally designed to have the same style of features yet now as I walk around Leicester this has changed for several reasons. The changes, though sometimes subtle, take away from the history of the place and make it more modern. With the compositions and angles used in some of my work, I have created a feeling of claustrophobia which I feel could relate to the lockdown and is something I am hoping to investigate further. By using drastically different colour palettes, I manage to demonstrate different times of day which is important as features such as windows will have different reflections depending upon how much light there is. In my work I enjoy using bright colours with large areas of contrast as I feel this really draws the viewer in and it includes a lot of layering which I enjoy. In this project I have learned that it is important to consider colour palettes without rushing into them as colours used can easily affect the mood of the images, creating a different effect altogether. The strengths of my work is how confident and bold I’ve been with composition and shape but to improve, I need to move away from working in the sketchbook and use grid paper to create more accurate drawings. I have found it interesting to find influences that create films involving architecture rather than art including Sean Meadows as this generated more ideas involving council estates and ways to portray architecture in my work. I am hoping to continue to develop a body of work in the upcoming weeks making improvements on the areas I am lacking in.

Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – Tutorial and Sketchbook work

I had a tutorial with my tutor which opened my eyes to different areas of research I can do to develop my work. To improve the accuracy of my work, I was advised to try using square paper so that the lines of my paintings and drawings were more straight. I felt this was a good idea and have ordered some. I am happy that the tutorial gave me a lot of ideas to go on and am looking forward to seeing how my project develops further.

During enhancement week, I continued to develop my primary research by foing nore drawings of buildings in Leicester and applying colour and texture in experimental ways. I enjoyed the paintings where I layered colours and was quite free with my brushstrokes as this created a very sketchy look which worked well with the blocks of colour used.

View from my garden

This is an interesting composition of housing I found in my backgarden which includes a small portion of my house on the right and the views of my neighbours houses in the rest of the view. I like the ways the colours used work together. I would have liked to use more interesting colour schemes but I wanted to build up a good amount of realistic paintings (in terms of colour) to show how I developed my work and the thought processes behind it.

Window explorations

These pages in my sketchbook demonstrate two different streets, the bottom one being Brazil Street. Again I like the simplicity of these paintings and how the colours of the brick backgrounds are quite muted. I feel that the pure black windows add a creepy vibe to my work and a nice contrast with the other areas.

Street view of houses

In these paintings I was focusing on the different styles of windows but I also like capturing the chimney silhouette in the sky. I feel that I need to work more on the sky element in the right painting to build up interesting layers as the sky isn’t just a bold colour.

More window explorations

These paintings aren’t yet finished but I am enjoying the simplicity of these paintings yet they still manage to capture the brushstrokes which I like. I am excited to see the final outcome of these paintings.

Window explorations near Norman Street

I feel that these paintings are really effective due to the layering and obvious brushstrokes which give them quite an old, worn appearance. I love the sketchiness of them and how they have developed from the previous block colour paintings.

Pink exploration

In this painting, I decided to use pinks for the colour scheme to try and give my paintings the same effect that they had last term. I like the fact that I have combined the block colour look with the sketchy obvious brushstrokes as this created a nice contrast.

DMU building colour exploration

In this painting, I used a blue colour palette and again combined the block colour effect with sketchy brushstroke areas as I feel it works well. I love how the different tones of blue work together.

Unfinished window explorations

Here are some more window explorations I have started to do in which I am trying to use more experimental colour schemes. I am looking forward to seeing how these come together.