CPS Professional Development

CPS – Presentation of a contextual post

We had to do a presentation about one of our contextual posts. I decided to do mine on Lowry since I felt his work was very interesting and the fact that I watched a film about his life and relationship with his mother allowed me to understand what he went through and how he was perceived by people in regards to being a painter.

When it came to presenting, I had a lot of technological difficulties as Blackboard Collaborate seems to always kick me out of rooms which I tried to overcome but had no luck, the same happened during my painting crit in term 1 as it struggles to load when there are more than a few people in rooms. To overcome this, I showed my presentation to people outside of the lesson and managed to get feedback that I needed to add more images and be analytical, maybe incorporating some of my own work onto the post and show clear links and how my work has been inspired by other people. It felt good to see what other people have done in their posts too, I felt very inspired.

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