Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – Tutorial and Sketchbook work

I had a tutorial with my tutor which opened my eyes to different areas of research I can do to develop my work. To improve the accuracy of my work, I was advised to try using square paper so that the lines of my paintings and drawings were more straight. I felt this was a good idea and have ordered some. I am happy that the tutorial gave me a lot of ideas to go on and am looking forward to seeing how my project develops further.

During enhancement week, I continued to develop my primary research by foing nore drawings of buildings in Leicester and applying colour and texture in experimental ways. I enjoyed the paintings where I layered colours and was quite free with my brushstrokes as this created a very sketchy look which worked well with the blocks of colour used.

View from my garden

This is an interesting composition of housing I found in my backgarden which includes a small portion of my house on the right and the views of my neighbours houses in the rest of the view. I like the ways the colours used work together. I would have liked to use more interesting colour schemes but I wanted to build up a good amount of realistic paintings (in terms of colour) to show how I developed my work and the thought processes behind it.

Window explorations

These pages in my sketchbook demonstrate two different streets, the bottom one being Brazil Street. Again I like the simplicity of these paintings and how the colours of the brick backgrounds are quite muted. I feel that the pure black windows add a creepy vibe to my work and a nice contrast with the other areas.

Street view of houses

In these paintings I was focusing on the different styles of windows but I also like capturing the chimney silhouette in the sky. I feel that I need to work more on the sky element in the right painting to build up interesting layers as the sky isn’t just a bold colour.

More window explorations

These paintings aren’t yet finished but I am enjoying the simplicity of these paintings yet they still manage to capture the brushstrokes which I like. I am excited to see the final outcome of these paintings.

Window explorations near Norman Street

I feel that these paintings are really effective due to the layering and obvious brushstrokes which give them quite an old, worn appearance. I love the sketchiness of them and how they have developed from the previous block colour paintings.

Pink exploration

In this painting, I decided to use pinks for the colour scheme to try and give my paintings the same effect that they had last term. I like the fact that I have combined the block colour look with the sketchy obvious brushstrokes as this created a nice contrast.

DMU building colour exploration

In this painting, I used a blue colour palette and again combined the block colour effect with sketchy brushstroke areas as I feel it works well. I love how the different tones of blue work together.

Unfinished window explorations

Here are some more window explorations I have started to do in which I am trying to use more experimental colour schemes. I am looking forward to seeing how these come together.

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