Painting Studio Practice Term 2

Painting – More primary research, sketchbook work

During week 2 of my primary research, I walked up to the Leicester City ground and went down different streets capturing the differences of windows, some due to natural wear and others due to people’s specific preferences after they bought their houses. I did these quite simplistic and made a note of the colours so I could add paint to some of the drawings later. I also painted on the drawings from last week, both the photocopy of the detailed drawings and the more simplistic versions I left in my sketchbook.

Detailed view from my bedroom window 1
Simplistic view from my bedroom window 1
Detailed view from my bedroom window 2
Simplistic view from my bedroom window 2

I like both versions of these paintings for different reasons. I feel that the brickwork elements are a key factor in the historical aspects of Leicester architecture but I do see how the use of brickwork in this manner can be too overwhelming. I need to add more layers onto the first simplistic version but I like where it’s headed.

Sketchbook work:

Sketchbook page 1 – Brazil Street
Sketchbook page 2 –
Sketchbook page 3 –

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