CPS Professional Development

CPS – Online Exhibition

I used the software artsteps to create my own virtual online exhibition as a means of getting my work into the world in the current situation with covid. I felt that the software was often quite laggy and took a while to load but I really like the overall final exhibition and am looking forward to seeing if I get any comments/suggestions of improvement.

artsteps website

I wanted to portray a wide selection of my work including large scale pieces and sketchbook work. I made the walls of my exhibition blue to make my work stand out as well as adding frames to the pieces for more of a professional look.

Wall of exhibition

I decided to keep the exhibition in the open to go along with the architectural theme of my project as the flow worked well. I feel that the blue of the wall and the blue of the sea outside of the exhibition add a lot of contrast. I may consider adding work to the outside walls of the exhibition to add more to the experience, even if it is online.

Wall 2

I made sure to space the pieces out nicely so that each one could stand out individually yet still allowing them to be collectively interesting. I especially like the fact that certain pieces have subtle colour schemes and others pop more to add areas of interest and contrast.

Back wall part 1

I felt it was effective adding sketchbook pages to my exhibition but I felt it was necessary for them all to be quite large scale so they could easily be looked at. I feel that the sizing works really well though and would be interested in making my sketchbook pages larger in prints for an actual exhibition as it would work a lot better than using them at their original A4 size.

Back wall part 2

I like that I have included collages and paintings in the exhibition as I didn’t limit myself and allowed it to be really exciting. I am very pleased with this exhibition.

Side wall

I feel that including pieces of different sizes was really important to add variety to the exhibition. It also allowed ,e to show off interesting areas of detail of pieces.

Final wall

This is the last wall of the exhibition so far. I would like to add one piece on either side of this one to fill up the space more as I like that in the other pieces. The blue walls work really well in my opinion.

Painting Term 1

Painting Week 10 – Research and developments

From my tutorial with Tom last week, I did research into the artists who were mentioned to try and develop my work.

Anselm Kiefer:

Anselm Kiefer is a German artist who uses a range of materials in his work including clay, ash and straw. He often focuses on making work that represents key historical themes. He works at a large scale which sometimes could be viewed as confrontational to represent the darkness of his culture. His work also includes signatures of key historical figures within the pieces to link things together which I find very interesting.

Painting Term 1

Painting week 9 – Continuing developing ideas

Mixed media collage
full view of collage

I made a long collage incorporating a range of materials including photocopies of drawings, card, paints, inks, oil pastels, tissue papers, pens and a range of patterned papers to build up an abstract experimental collage. I really like the ways that certain colours work together and how there is flow in the piece in a range of ways. I feel that the use of line is very strong and would like to do another piece which is less random and is more a view of a complete landscape with differebt perspectives like in chinese scrolls as I feel that this would be really effective.