Painting Term 1

Painting Week 6 – Sketchbook work and preparation

During enhancement week I took the opportunity to continue to build up work in my sketchbook with different compositions and proportions. I tried to capture different effects by using a range of colour combinations and uses of line/detail. I tried to make some more simple than others to see the ways that it could impact on my work, which also related to the artists I researched at the beginning of this project. I also decided to start working onto an A3 sketchbook rather than the A4 I had been working on to push my work and not limit myself.

Pink sketchbook painting

This is one of the first paintings I did in my sketchbook during week 2 which I decided to build up on more using a pink colour palette. I especially like the atmosphere of this piece and the way that it is still a captivating image with a pink sky rather than a blue sky. I again like how areas of the painting are really detailed while the other areas are fairly simple as it creates a nice balance.

Simple sketchbook painting

This is another painting I did but I decided to go for a more realistic colour scheme to see the ways that it impacted on the overall effect. I feel that I could work onto the sand area more to make it more realistic but I like the simplicity of this painting.

Bendy road painting

I decided to work on another previous painting to build up areas and add important details to make the painting look more effective overall. I like the way the yellow lines on the road contrast with the greys. This painting is simple yet intricate which I really like.

Beach painting

This is one of my favourite paintings as it has a lot of detail and is very realistic. I like the fact that the blue sky isn’t fully blue, it has a wash of another colour over the top which adds more to the painting. The individual brick marks took a long time but I feel they really work with the overall composition. I would like to make more paintings like this but on a larger scale so that I don’t limit myself. Doing it on a larger scale will also require less precision so I can be free with my application.

Boat view painting

This is a painting I did of boats in the sea with a view of buildings in the background. I really like the way the sea has a lot of movement and texture compared to the other areas. I decided to make this painting quite realistic as I didn’t want to push myself too soon. Again this painting is quite simple in most areas yet looks more complex overall when all the elements combine.

Town painting

This is a painting I did of a view of a town in St Ives which has a lot of detail and weird angles of buildings. I like that I did this painting quite detailed in comparison to the other paintings as this was important to do to generate a range of work. I like that the blue sky isn’t a typical blue and the fact that it has other tones in it to build up layers which I really enjoy in my project.

I also got told that I will be having a crit on the 27th November which I need to display my work in my studio and take a maximum of 8 pictures and make them into a blog post to do an online crit with three students from the class. I also have to write a 400 word statement about my work to give people an insight into my practise.

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