Painting Term 1

Painting Week 5 – Large Scale Developments and Artist talk

From the feedback I got from Ruth last week, I decided to make some large scale pieces where I was free to use my whole body and didn’t limit myself by sketching things out in pen first but instead used the paint itself to plot in what I wanted to do and get my proportions right. I feel like it will be a good idea to explore both black and white pieces as well as colour to inform my work and make sure it is as interesting as possible. This will also help me create a body of work and show how I have developed my ideas by making informed decisions.

Large scale bubble wrap piece

This is a large scale bubble wrap painting I did to explore incorporating more textures into my work. I began with an A1 piece of paper which I decided to add sections of various sized bubble wrap to. I then used a palette knife and applied paint over the top. I like that I was quite free with the way I applied the paint and how it picked up on the textures of the bubble wrap. I wish I would have added more detail to certain areas but I feel the limited colour palette worked quite well.

Palette knife large painting

This is another painting I did using a purple and pink colour palette as an experiment with palette knives and a drippy background. I liked using bright colours for this piece as I feel that it relates nicely to the artists I researched during the first couple of weeks of this project. Using palette knives in different ways allowed me to create interesting layers and textures which was effective.

Oil pastel painting

This is another painting I did where I randomly applied autumnal colours of paint onto a sheet of A1 paper and then used white oil pastel over the top. I like how simple this one is and how the white lines are only clear in some areas as it means people take more time to look at it. I feel that I could continue to work into this with layers to create more contrast and areas of interest.

I also looked at my board paintings collectively and took photos of them in different arrangements where each painting linked to others in some way. I felt that the paintings looked really good together and gave me ideas of how to develop my work.

Arrangement of board paintings

This is one of the arrangements I came up with. I especially like the ways that some of the paintings seem to link up in terms of imagery slotting together at the right points as it makes it seem like it is a complex puzzle of the same area. I also like how certain paintings relate in terms of colour and technique. This also makes me consider how the different paintings are of different perspectives/angles of the same place and how they work together.

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